Bulim Depot Workshop Becomes First IRTE-Accredited Workshop in Southeast Asia

Tower Transit’s vehicle workshop at the Bulim Bus Depot has become the first in Southeast Asia to receive Workshop Accreditation by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE). The mark of excellence is given to workshops that comply with industry best practices.

PUBLISHED December 06, 2016

A full and in-depth audit of the Bulim workshop was carried out in September which found that both the facility and operation fully met, and in many areas, exceeded the requirements of the IRTE Accreditation standard. The workshop was given high scores in key areas such as premises, equipment, technical and clerical staff, management, documentation, quality and appearance.

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“Tower Transit’s workshop at the Bulim Bus Depot is one of the best vehicle maintenance facilities I have had the pleasure of assessing. Many aspects, from engineering standards and safety procedures to housekeeping and administration, were found to be of the highest standards,”

said independent assessor Chris Grime.

He also noted a high level of technical expertise and a focus on training and development. “Senior engineering staff demonstrated a very detailed understanding of technical engineering requirements of the bus fleet. There’s also a strong mentorship culture and dedication to progressive upskilling of technicians, with training courses to support safe and compliant maintenance policies,” he said.

“Our ambition is to make the Bulim workshop a centre of engineering excellence, a place where the wealth of international engineering expertise and knowledge we possess across the Tower Transit Group is brought together. This accreditation is an important step toward that aspiration and lines us up with some of the best workshops in the industry,”

said Andrew Bujtor, MD, Tower Transit Singapore.

The Bulim workshop now joins the ranks of Tower Transit’s UK workshops at Westbourne Park, Atlas Road and Lea Interchange which are all IRTE accredited.

To further extend this culture of engineering excellence, all of Tower Transit Singapore’s engineering staff have been made members of the IRTE, giving them access to best practice guides, technical articles, leading monthly trade magazine Transport Engineer, and development opportunities such as webinars and online discussions.