Tower Transit signature scent!

Have questions on the launch of the Tower Transit signature scent launch onboard our buses?

Read on for answers from our scent partner, AllSense.

PUBLISHED March 27, 2017

What are the components of the scent?

Top notes – green, aldehydic, lemon, orange
Middle notes – floral, damask rose, eucaluptus, peppermint
Base notes – ylang, sandalwood, galbanum, musk

Will people with allergies be affected?

It is non-allergenic and complies with the most rigorous of regulations on air care products.

Are the components of the scent organic or synthetic?

The scent is made from a combination of essential and man-made molecules.

Many organic/essential oils are not covered by the International Fragrance Association and for safety reasons, we do not use them.

Are all buses on the selected services scented?

Currently, 100 buses from services 66, 97/97A, 106 and 143 will be scented.

Are there going to be more scents to look forward to?

While the signature scent will be present all year round on selected buses, we are looking into the possibility of special scents for festive periods.

Will the fragrance be too overpowering?

The scent is designed to be subtle, rather than overpowering. However, we always encourage feedback about the scent from commuters!

Does the fragrance have any therapeutic effects?

Fragrance in general is shown to elevate mood, and have a calming effect for commuters.

The following elements in the Tower Transit signature scent have the following therapeutic effects:
Peppermint – enhances mental acuity
Ylang – promotes relaxation, and is actually commonly used in massage therapies!
Sandalwood – enhances concentration


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