All you need to know about Tower Transit Singapore

Tower Transit Singapore operates 29 Bus Services from 4 Bus Interchanges:

    • Bukit Batok
    • 77, 106, 173, 177, 189, 941, 945, 947, 990
    • Jurong East
    • 41, 49, 66, 78, 79, 97, 97e, 98, 98M, 143, 143M, 183, 333, 334, 335
    • Clementi
    • 96, 282, 284, 285
    • Joo Koon Interchange
    • 974
    • City Direct Services
    • 663, 665

We’re sure you’ve got questions, so we’ve tried our best to answer most of them briefly in our FAQs. If there’s anything that we have not addressed, feel free to drop us a line at or call 1800-248-0950.

Frequently asked questions

Why do your Bus Captains drive slowly?

Under the Bus Contracting Model, one of the service improvements is to regulate the waiting time between buses. Our Bus Captains take advice from our Bus Operations Command Centre which may require them to moderate their speed to avoid buses of the same service arriving at the same time. For road safety, buses must keep within the speed limits of 60km/h on expressways and 50km/h on other roads, unless specific roads require a lower speed limit.

Some of the air-conditioned buses are either too cold or too warm. Why can’t the Bus Captain adjust the temperature?

The temperature is automatically adjusted using climate control. It can also be affected by external ambient temperature and the number of passengers on board the bus, although the settings of the air-conditioners remain unchanged. We have a regular maintenance program for bus air-conditioning. If the air-conditioning in the bus is found to be faulty, it will be sent for repair immediately. We welcome our passengers to call our feedback hotline, 1800-248-0950 from 7:30am to 8pm daily should they find the air-conditioning in our buses to be malfunctioning

My Bus Captain refuses to open the door for me despite seeing me run after the bus. Why is this so?

All our Bus Captains are required to stop for passengers to board the bus if they can see the commuters approaching while the bus is still in the bus stop bay and has yet to move off. However, if the bus is partially out of the bus stop bay even though it is still within the bus lane, Bus Captains have been advised not to stop for alighting or boarding activities for safety reasons. For the safety of our passengers, we do not encourage passengers to run after the bus, but to wait for the next bus instead.

What is the purpose of having short-working trips?

Short-working trips are variants of our bus services that ply a certain stretch of the route instead of the whole route at once. Short-working trips are most useful when there is heavy demand along a certain stretch. Good examples are near MRT stations or places with a lot of passenger activity like schools. Short-working trips are denoted by an “A” or a “B” attached to the end of their regular service numbers (e.g. 106A). They do not end at the regular terminal. This helps passengers decide whether or not the service brings them to their destination.

The EZ-link card reader incorrectly deducted my fare. How do I get a refund?

Commuters can file their claims through the Transitlink website, or call the hotline 1800-2255-663 for more information on the refund procedure.

It is easier for me to alight from the bus if I stand near the exit door, why should I move to the rear of the bus?

The capacity of a bus is a combination of its seating and standing capacity. When passengers fail to move to the rear and prefer to stand near the exit door, the flow of passengers becomes restricted within the bus. This will cause delay as the Bus Captain would have to appeal to passengers to move in to make space for others to board.

What if I lost my item(s) on the bus?

You may file a report through our Lost Article eForm on our website and our staff will contact you if we are able to find any article that matches your description for verification. Alternatively, you may call our 24-hour hotline at 1800-248-0960.

Tower Transit is an "ang moh" company right?

Tower Transit Singapore has a strong Singaporean core. Most of our Bus Captains are locals. We are part of the Tower Transit Group which carries over 115 million passengers a year in the UK.

I'm a person with disabilities. What sort of assistance can I get from Tower Transit?

Our Bus Captains are trained to assist people with disabilities. If you need help in any way, feel free to ask them or our bus interchange staff.

Where can I find out more about bringing Personal Mobility Devices and foldable bicycles onboard buses?

You can read the full FAQs from LTA here.

What's up with the scented buses?

Please read the full FAQs on the scented buses here!

Is breastfeeding allowed onboard the bus and in the Bus Interchanges? If not, where can I go?

You are definitely allowed to breastfeed onboard public transport and at Bus Interchanges. Please click here to read more about nursing while commuting with us.

Is there a general feedback hotline?

If you have any feedback about our services, please call our friendly Customer Experience Officers at 1800-248-0950, between 7:30am to 8pm daily.

Can I advertise on a Tower Transit bus?

Yes! Our appointed advertising is Media Taurus. You can get in touch with them for more information, or to book an advertising space via e-mail at or give them a call at +65 6720 7532.